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Michigan Harvest

Michigan Effect

Taste tests prove that Michigan apples are crunchier, juicier, and more flavorful. Our state’s sandy soils and moderate climate provides optimal apple growing conditions.
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Meet Our Growers

Our network of growers spans more than 11,000 acres of prime apple-growing land. They are passionate people who take pride in producing quality, flavorful fruit.
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Our Fruit

When you bite into an Applewood Fresh apple, it tastes like you just reached up and picked it from the tree…no matter when you bought it.
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Our apple varieties

Rave® Apples


The Early Back-to-School Apple.

Outrageously juicy with a refreshing snappy zing, an apple that takes on it's Honeycrisp parent characteristics.
SweeTango® Apples


No Ordinary Apple.™

An apple that holds the Guinness World Record for loudest crunch. A lively touch of citrus, honey, and spice.


Experience the Power of Great Taste.™

A natural cross of Gala and Braeburn that gives it an attractive, shiny red appearance and a refined flavour.
KIKU® Apples


Quite possibly the sweetest apples you'll ever taste.

Super sweet in flavor, juicy and crisp, KIKU® apples are one of Mother Nature’s finest creations.
EverCrisp® Apples


Sweet, juicy and firm.

Honeycrisp + Fuji mix, making it a refreshing and satisfying snack from the first crunch to the last.


A Monster Crunch.

Grown in New York, a spicy-sweet apple with a hint of vanilla that will take your tastebuds on an epic quest.


Pretty. Delicious.

A New York Grown variety, with a deep hearty crunch and ideal, crisp texture making it the best baking apple.
Cripps Pink/Pink Lady® Apples

Cripps Pink/Pink Lady®

A sassy + sweet apple.

Firm and dense with a tart flavor and florescent finish, an apple that's easy to look at and snack on!


Mellow-Sweet, Nature's Treat.

Low in acidity, making it the first apple choice for kids and grandparents. A delight for all the senses.
Honeycrisp Apples


A Fan-Favorite.

Honeysweet with a tart bite and intense juicy flavor, it is the #1 choice for snacking.
Gala Apples


The Most Popular Apple.

The new #1 apple, taking over worldwide. A semi-sweet apple with reliable flavor in every bite.
Fuji Apples


Hardcore Sweet.

An intensely sweet, large and crisp apple. The Fuji is the perfect addition to a crisp salad or slaw.
McIntosh Apples


The Old-Fashioned Apple.

Your Grandma's first choice for baking pies and homemade applesauce.
Jonagold Apples


A Little Sugar + Spice.

The perfect mix between parent varieties, Golden Delicious and the All-American Jonathan apples.
Red Delicious Apples

Red Delicious

The King of Apples.

The most widely recognized of all US apple varieties, this sweet, crispy, juicy apple varies in color from striped red to solid-midnight red.
Golden Delicious Apples

Golden Delicious

Ginger-Sweet Taste.

A thin skinned, honeysweet apple with high shelf-appeal and long storage life.
Jonathan Apples


An All-American Classic.

Its juicy flavor has a spicy tang that blends well with other varieties.
Braeburn Apples


Versatile + Rich in Flavor.

A pleasing balance between tart and sweet, these rich, spicy-flavored apples are very firm with a crisp bite.
Gingergold Apples

Ginger Gold

The Early Season Yellow Apple.

An earlier season, yellow apple known for having a slightly spicy flavor, the Ginger Gold is mildly sweet with a gradual tart finish.

Why Michigan Apples?

Apples is all we know. Experience what makes our apples so remarkable. The passionate growers, weather conditions, flavor profiles, and logistical advantages help us bring apples to your table.

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