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Biting into your first Kiku® apple is an experience not soon forgotten. Super sweet in flavor, juicy and crisp, Kiku® apples are one of Mother Nature’s finest creations. Kiku® apples are ruby-red in color, with a striking striped appearance. Similar to the taste of Fuji, this apple is super-sweet with one of the highest brix (sugar) levels an apple can have.

In 1990, Luis Braun, an Italian fruit grower, was traveling through Japan when he discovered a very special apple tree. Braun took a branch from this tree back to his home in Italy, and after many years of planting, growing, grafting, and cultivating, he produced the perfect apple. With a sweetness unmatched by any other apple he’d tried, he knew he had discovered a very special apple. He decided to name his new discovery, “KIKU®”, which is the Japanese word for “chrysanthemum”. This flower is the symbol of the Japanese emperor, and naming this special apple KIKU® pays homage to its origin.

Exceptionally sweet and beautifully ruby-red in color, Braun set off to share this super sweet apple with the world.

KIKU® brand apples are now proudly grown in the U.S. and worldwide by a select group of orchardists. Applewood Fresh is the only shipper/packer of the Kiku® apple in Michigan.

Flavor Profile: Sweet
Availability: November – July
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