Hardcore Sweet.

Michigan Fuji apples are intensely sweet, large and crisp. The Fuji is the perfect addition to a crisp salad or slaw. It contains 15-18 brix (or sugar levels) making it one of the sweetest apples you can buy. Fuji apples are a parent to many new varieties in the market, including the fan-favorite, EverCrisp, through natural cross pollination methods. This is due to it’s sweet undertones and complex flavor.

It is said that the Fuji apple comes from Japan, in a town called Fujisaki being a cross between the Rall’s Janet and Red Delicious. The Fuji apple is best stored in refrigeration for extended periods, helping to keep it’s lasting sweet flavor. It is one of the leading varieties in the U.S.

Flavor Profile: Intense Sweetness
Availability: October – July
Fuji Apples

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