The Early Back-to-School Apple.

The early-to-season Rave® apple has beautiful bright red skin that nearly covers a yellow background with crisp and delicate white flesh that is exceptionally juicy. It’s best to enjoy Rave® apples for a fresh snack or on a salad to add crunch, as it brings out the best of it’s parent varieties Honeycrisp and MonArk. It’s the new apple on the block!

Rave, also known as MN55, was created from the University of Minnesota’s apple breeding program through a cross-pollination process and is now one of the most sought-after apples on grocery store shelves.

In September, Rave® is the #10 apple variety by volume in the West and the #2 club variety in the Northeast. Rave is the #6 club variety apple by volume nationally in September and October.

Flavor Profile: Spicy & Sweet
Availability: August – October
Rave® Apples

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Rave about it, rave apples.

People can’t stop raving about Rave® apples!