by Paul Hutchings

Apples are awesome!

They are versatile; you can make virtually any dessert out of them. They are convenient, providing a snack for any time. They are healthy; what doctor or nutritionist would dispute the dietary fiber and vitamins they hold?

And history tells us apples are also nation builders; John Chapman established orchards in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, as well as parts of Ontario, Canada. These trees would provide the juice to make the hard cider enjoyed by two nations in their infancy. You may know Chapman better by his other name: Johnny Appleseed.

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Dear Valued Customer, Vendor and Grower Partners,

As the Covid-19 outbreak unfolds, our commitment to providing nutritious apples has never been more important. We want to let you, our partners know that we are respecting this situation and are doing everything we can to be of help as we navigate through these uncharted waters. Read more

Overwhelming Shopper Response to New Crop! It’s apple time! The new SweeTango® crop is in, and folks just can’t get enough of them. New data from recent in-store demos shows that this crop of SweeTangos is scoring high marks with shoppers on several key purchase drivers including taste, quality, convenience, and value. Next Big Thing, A Growers’ Cooperative […]

Applewood Fresh & Tastee Apples

Tastee is America’s #1 Caramel Apple! We have partnered with Tastee to bring you the best tasting product for almost 40 years. Choose from delicious caramel to chocolate & jelly apples… made from a special, homemade recipe.

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Official Launch of Applewood Fresh Growers!

We are excited to announce our official launch of Applewood Fresh Growers LLC, a grower, packer, shipper and marketer of the finest Michigan apples. While headquartered in Sparta, Michigan, we ship 21 apple varieties, including four managed varieties, across the country on a year-round basis. Though officially a new company, we can trace our family-owned roots back more than eight decades to 1935 and the founding of our affiliate, Applewood Orchards, Inc.

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