Kanzi apples triumph in the market with major sales, volume growth

December 19, 2023 // The Produce News

Kanzi apples have achieved a significant milestone in the apple industry, with Nielsen Total U.S. apple data revealing a staggering 478 percent sales dollars increase, and 613.2 percent growth in volume over the latest 13-week period ending Dec. 2. This growth rate is four times higher than any other branded apple in the Top 15, highlighting the extraordinary market appeal and escalating popularity of Kanzi.

Cultivated exclusively by CMI Orchards and Applewood Orchards in the U.S., Kanzi apples, with their origins in Belgium, captivate American consumers with their intensely sweet and tangy flavor. The distinctive taste profile secures them a preferred spot in holiday baking and a permanent place in the kitchens of culinary aficionados.

Rochelle Bohm, vice president of marketing at CMI Orchards, underscored Kanzi’s remarkable sales performance: “The explosive growth of Kanzi apples, spotlighted in the latest Nielsen report, stands as a testament to their unmatched taste and quality. Consumers wholeheartedly embrace Kanzi, propelling category sales through their outstanding performance in the market. Over the latest 52-week period, Kanzi sales dollars have grown by 45.4 percent.”

Further amplifying Kanzi’s impact, dynamic new branding for Kanzi launched this season, in sync with the global brand vision. The new branding, featuring a vibrant splash graphic, represents the energy and invigorating taste that Kanzi apples add to everyday life.

“Now is the perfect moment to feature and promote Kanzi apples on the produce shelf,” said Bohm. “The combination of our abundant, high-quality harvest, eye-catching new branding, and the phenomenal sales success we’ve seen, clearly indicates a rising consumer demand.”

Source: The Produce News