Applewood Orchards Inc. is now being run by Bernie and Bev’s three sons, Steve, Scott, and Jim Swindeman with each taking part in a different area of the production, operation, and sales of apples.

Bernie and Bev begin to grow their family and business, with three sons and a daughter by their side. Applewood Orchards has now grown to 100+ acres of land and continues to pack and grow. In 1961, a new packing line was added and one of the first apple washer-waxers in the country was installed.

In 1958, Bernard and Beverly Swindeman (the parents of current owners) take over the family business from Walter. Upon taking over the business, Bernie constructed his first controlled atmosphere room and began to pack fruit for several other growers in the surrounding areas of Michigan and Ohio.

Walter then moved his business to a more practical location. In this building, he insulated and refrigerated for long-term storage of apples. This is said to be one of the first cold storages built in Michigan.

Walter Swindeman Sr., planted 600 trees on the original 16 acres in Deerfield, MI. When the trees started to produce, he stored the fruit in the basement of his garage and sold the fruit out of his garage. This is the start of the plan of Applewood Orchards.