Celebrating National Apple Month with The Produce Moms

Fall is for favorites like apple pie and apple cider. Who doesn’t love biting into a fresh apple on a bright fall morning that’s just as crisp? That’s why October is the perfect time for celebrating National Apple Month! Whether you’re cooking with them, eating them for breakfast, or just having one as a crunchy snack, Applewood Fresh apples are the perfect way to add some fruity flavor to your day. So why not add some fun to your apples? Your kids can enjoy apples with a friendly forest creature in the activity sheet below!

We love the sweet juiciness of biting into an apple — but we’re big fans of the health benefits, too! Apples are loaded with nutrients and offer a boost to your immune system, something that’s more important than ever during the fall. Stay healthy and enjoy the cool weather by adding apples to your daily diet.

There are so many delicious apple varieties to choose from! We’re celebrating National Apple Month with some of our favorites from Applewood Fresh, like the flavorful SweeTango®. Featuring a hint of citrus and honey, this apple is perfect for snacking out of hand or packing in a lunchbox. Your kids will love it!

But Applewood Fresh offers many tasty varieties! Another favorite is the craveable EverCrisp®, a cross between Fuji and Honeycrisp apples. We love this one in our salads! And don’t miss the exceptionally sweet KIKU®, an apple that’s just as good for eating out of hand as it is for baking in all kinds of incredible dishes.

What apple varieties are your kids’ favorites? We’re sure this woodland animal has a few favorites of its own! Complete this activity sheet with your kiddos and find out what forest friend is a fellow apple fan.

Applewood Fresh Apple Activity Sheet


Apples make the perfect snack. Keep them stocked in your kitchen to use in tasty recipes like Spicy SweeTango® Apple Sweet Potato Soup. Its blend of unique flavors is like nothing else and makes for a hearty meal or side. Introduce your apples to another fall classic with the SweeTango® Apple Pumpkin Spice Smoothie, a cool drink with autumn aromas and fall flavors.

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

How is your family celebrating National Apple Month? Share your favorite ways to enjoy apples on these cool fall days in the comments below. Or tag us on Instagram enjoying some apples or apple recipes @theproducemoms and @applewoodfresh.

Author: Kristin Ahaus

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