Fresh to the Core

Don’t miss out on May Promos!

May is a great time to promote fresh produce and boost customer engagement. Heat up produce sales with these May marketing themes: National Salsa Month, National Salad month, Memorial Day & Mother’s Day.
Apple pie is the obvious summer promo, but get consumers thinking beyond pie by offering fruit salad recipes, fruit trays with apple slices or other ideas for side dishes, like apple salsa.
Don’t forget about ordering our MI asparagus! It’s the perfect time to take advantage of warmer temperatures so tie in asparagus with other grilling essentials!

Drive Consumers to retail with these planned promotions for May!

Merchandise with apples to educate consumers on the uses and flavor profile of Fuji apples.

Celebrate National Salsa Month and National Salad Month with these delicious recipes: Apple Salsa and the Classic Waldorf salad!

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