Fresh to the Core

Quite possibly the sweetest apples you’ll ever taste!™

Biting into your first KIKU® apple is an experience not soon forgotten. Super sweet in flavor, juicy and crisp, KIKU® apples are one of Mother Nature’s finest creations. KIKU® apples are ruby-red in color, with a striking striped appearance. With Earth Day around the corner and Kiku, one of Mother Nature’s finest creations, there’s no better time to celebrate locally grown apples! Meet our growers, they’re the apple of our eye!

Our network of growers spans more than 11,000 acres of prime apple-growing land. They are passionate people who take pride in producing quality, flavorful fruit. Many of our growers come from multi-generational family farms and were born with “green thumbs”.

Drive consumers to retail with planned promotions for April! Shoppers are looking for seasonal suggestions, creative recipes, impulse buys, and what’s new in produce.

Meet the Grower:

Spotlight, Applewood Orchards, our core grower of Kiku apples for Earth Day!
Kiku Info Card:
Merchandise with apples to educate consumers on the characteristics and history of Kiku apples!

The sweet juiciness of the apples melds beautifully with melted cheese, making a warm, tasty treat relished by kids and adults alike. Share this delicious recipe on social media or place handouts with the apples.

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