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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. The apple is frequently used as the symbol of love so it is time to start flooding your social media and produce department with everything LOVE. Create eye-catching displays and utilize our downloadable resources to make your produce department a memorable shopping experience!

Did you know February is Heart Health Month? Hearts love apples so use this month to raise awareness and encourage your shoppers to make healthy changes.

We end this week with one of the biggest marketing holidays of the year. That’s right, Superbowl! Our new commercial was leaked so we’re giving you a chance to win a new Apple Watch! See link below.
We are dedicated to providing you the marketing support needed to turn
your department into the ultimate produce destination!

Leaked Commercial!

View Commercial

Marketing Tips and Tools

Social media and in-store tips and tools. Adapt your content calendar to capitalize on this month’s events and holidays! Here are promotional opportunities and hashtags you’ll need and to build followers and create a memorable shopping experience!

Apple Slider Recipe

Chocoale Apple Pops Recipe

Hearts Love Apple POS

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